My Sublime Text 2 Setup - Web Designer

Sublime Text 2 has become the new go-to text editor (available for free unlimited trial). It is extremely powerful on its own but is also extensible. This is a how I've customized my Sublime Text:



  • Custom UI theme - Soda Dark - restart after install
  • Color Scheme - (Railscast) - Copy to SUBLIMEHOMEDataPackagesColor Scheme - Default


  • LESS syntax highlighting (LESS)
  • LESS compiler (LESS-build)
    • Had to fix the paths to the compiler in the .sublime-build files (LESS.sublime-build and MIN.LESS.sublime-build)



  • Copy this gist to you color scheme template after the last </dict> and before </array> at the bottom.
  • Markdown Preview -> Set parser to "github" and add keyboard shortcut "alt+m"


  • CSSLint
  • JSHint

Side Bar

  • SFTP and FTP syncing of files and folders (SFTP)
  • Additional enhancements: expanded right-click menu (SideBarEnhancements)

Additional Plugins


You can view my settings here:

  • Enable spell check - Preferences->Settings - Default. Set "spell_check": true,
  • Bold folder labels in sidebar. Set "bold_folder_labels": true,
  • Highlight line. Set "highlight_line": true,
  • Hide Menu
  • Change key bindings
    • Show/Hide Side Bar - CTRL+b
    • Build - F7

Let me know if you have any questions.

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