Apps & Projects

I have a habit of making small web apps to solve usually fairly small but annoying problems I face. They are often not even well designed and focused on quick and functional tools. One of these days I'm going to invest more time into my apps to make them more presentable and share them more broadly.

Design Skills Assessment

I was struggling to measure design skills to help encourage my designers's while filling out their career growth plans. It's a quick competency assessment of top design skills for product and communication designers. It generates a radar graph that you can share.

YouTube Video Clipper

This was a fun one because the solution turned out to be so simple. My team was struggling to share video clips of our research sessions because it was time-consuming to edit the video file. Since we were storing our videos on YouTube, I was able to find a buried capability to set start and end timestamps (YouTube only makes it easy to adjust the start time). The app allows you to enter the timestamps of where you want your video clip to begin and end.

App Reviews

I wanted to read and do analysis on iOS App Store reviews but I didn't have access to our iTunes Store account nor did the App Store display more than a couple of reviews. This app allows you to copy an App Store URL and it'll pull the most recent 500 reviews.

Design Knowledge Base

There are many great Design documentation sites out there but none of them are have everything or are not comprehensive on every topic. My hypothesis is that the majority of these documentation sites are created by one or only a few people. So I decided to compile all my documentation and put them on GitHub Pages to create a similar documentation site but completely open source. My goal is that all folks knowledgeable of Design to be able to contribute and grow the entire communities knowledge by having a single comprehensive reference.

Double Feature

I love movies and going to the movie theater. When I go to the theater, I like making a day of it by seeing two movies back to back. Trying to find movie times that line up is really tedious so I decided to make an app that did it for me. Also, check out the history of double features.