Halloween Horror Movie Month (HHMM III)

It's my favorite month again and I'm pretty pumped. Fall has come and brought college football and the MLB postseason. My beloved Cardinals are in the playoffs and I hope they can surprise everyone. Warm and hearty food is going to be enjoyed (chili tonight!) and hopefully some good horror movie watching.

Speaking of horror movies let's get to it.

Here's my lineup:

  1. Paranormal Activity Series: Paranormal Activity
  2. Paranormal Activity Series: Paranormal Activity 2
  3. Paranormal Activity Series: Paranormal Activity 3 - in theaters 10/21/11
  4. Insidious
  5. Saw 3D
  6. Survival of the Dead - 8PM EST 10/17/11 on AMC 
  7. Buried

Right now I don't have any older classics, so I may need to change this list throughout the month to add a classic.

What is Halloween Horror Movie Month (HHMM)?

HHMM is a little thing I created to celebrity the creepiest month of the year. As the nights get longer it becomes a perfect time to watch a scary movie in the dark. So I create a list of horror films that I'm going to watch in the month of October. I try to keep a good variety of older class films and films in theaters. I also try to touch on all categories of horror films (supernatural, murder, psychological, the undead, and alien).

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