Best Free Android Apps for Web Developers / Designers [Top Ten]

  1. SilverEdit

    SivlerEdit can create/edit HTML, PHP, CSS, and TXT files. SilverEdit allows you to work on your code away from a computer and will work well for quick edits on the go.

  2. View Web Source

    Check website's source from your Android device. View Web Source shows you the source code of any website. It's great for checking your website's code on the go or check out the code of a site you like.

  3. AndFTP

    AndFTP is an important app because it allows you to connect to your FTP servers, allowing you to upload or download files from your phone. AndFTP works so great because Android allows access to the phone's filesystem, this means you can create files on your phone using HTMLeditor or SilverEdit and then upload them using AndFTP. You don't even need a computer.

  4. HTMLeditor

    HTMLeditor is exactly what it says - an editor of HTML files. HTML files can be created and edited on the go using HTMLeditor. HTMLeditor works great for working on HTML pages when you're away from a computer.

  5. Magic Color Picker

    Magic Color Picker let's you visually choose a color and will provide color values in multiple ways: Hex, RGB, YUV, HSV, and HSL. Magic Color Pick will help you choose new colors for your web design or visually lookup colors by their color values.

  6. WordPress

    If you have a blog host on or if you have WordPress running your website, this is the app for you. WordPress is such a great tool for creating a website or blog. WordPress for Android allows you to create/edit posts, edit and manage comments, and create/edit pages. WordPress for Android is an excellent tool to edit your website on the go.

  7. Mobile

    Edit images on the go. For free, Photoshop Mobile is pretty great. It's clearly not Photoshop for desktops but you can crop, rotate, color-correct, add soft focus or a sepia tint, and other effects. It's great for quick image edits on the go.

  8. Mobile GA

    Mobile GA is a mobile version of Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides up-to-date analytics of your website and Mobile GA allows you to view them from your Android device. This is especially useful because there is no Google Analytics mobile site.
    * You must use Google Analytics on your website to use Mobile GA.

  9. ConnectBot

    This is probably my favorite app that I'd use the least. It is a Secure Shell Client. ConnectBot allows you to SSH into your web servers and manage them remotely. ConnectBot could really save you in a pinch if there's a problem with your server.

  10. Color Palette

    Color Palette is similar to Magic Color Picker but it's interface differs greatly. If you don't like Magic Color Picker's interface then you might want to try Color Palette.

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