Halloween Horror Movie Month (HHMM IV)

Ahh, my favorite time of year has returned – October. Though my gloom and doom is currently being postponed by being in the beautiful and sunny state of Hawaii. When I return to Chicago, I’ll have a bunch of horror movies waiting.

This year I’m going with an equally distributed list of the last three decades (2 – ’80s, 3 – ’90s & 2 2000s). It includes some classics that I’ve missed throughout the years and they’ve been highly recommended by my horror movie-loving friends.

The Lineup:

  1. Paranormal Activity 4 (10/19/12) – it’s becoming an October tradition
  2. Devil(’10) – HBO Go
  3. Event Horizon (’97) – HBO Go
  4. Copycat (’95)
  5. Jacob’s Ladder (’90)
  6. Evil Dead Series: Evil Dead (’81)
  7. Evil Dead Series: Evil Dead 2 (’87)
  8. Evil Dead Series: Army of Darkness (’92)

Bonus: Dark TV Series

  • The Walking Dead’s 3rd Season – because nothing screams Halloween like zombie. I can’t wait for the return of Zombie Sundays.
  • Dexter 6th Season – Everybody’s favorite serial killer. I’ve fallen a bit behind – time to catch up.
  • Twin Peaks 2nd Season – Finishing up a classic 90s TV show.

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