Walgreens QuickPrints Redesign

Redesigned and enhanced the Walgreens photo printing experience on iPhone, iPad, and Android.The objectives were to provide additional levels of user control to order creation and an enhanced streamlined checkout. Previous usability research was utilized to shape the design. The improved experience was a success and increased revenue by 60% (= $50M expected yearly revenue) from order values up 16% and checkout conversion up 39%. 92% completed their tasks without issue - compared to 85%.

First Round Prototype: http://bit.ly/1C4rKoI
Second Round Prototype: http://7fhret.axshare.com/


  • Added Ability to Crop Photos
  • Ability to Custom Order Per Photo
  • Streamlined Native Checkout (Previously HTML Checkout)
  • Background Uploading of Photos (Removed Flow Block)


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Notification Flow Chart


Before and After