Walgreens App Redesign

The biggest navigation change since the existence of the app. The navigation was completely restructured around a new design pattern.In addition, important more future-forward components were included - personalized messaging system, promotions, and dynamically added server-side features. Due to the extent of changes, many explorations were done with multiple rounds of user research. This project was created and lead by the Customer Experience team. I was the lead user experience architect and I was responsible for the majority of exploration, specification. I collaborated with visual designers, development, and product management to define requirements, prepare patterns for future usage in code, began conversation about upgrading our web services to support a future personalized messaging engine.


  • Re-architecting and Redesign Home Screen Pattern
  • Visual Design System Update
  • Foundational Module System Work
  • Predictive Experience with a Personalized Messaging Engine
  • Hybrid (Native and Web) Shop Products Experience
  • Experience Solutions for Integrating Marketing Capabilities

Experience Vision

After a lot of ideating, competitive analysis, customer data, three principles were determined to be the vision for the Walgreens app's future vision. They were:

Dynamic - experience should be able to update without an app release, be highly interactive, and consistently engaging.

Contextual - experience should be aware of a users current context, based on location, time of day, seasonality, etc.

Personalized - experience should initiate based of app engagement, account activity, and any behavior monitored by Walgreens.


Due to the immensity of the impact of a home screen change, I started early developing many design ideas. Ideas ranged from basic UI structure, to building blocks, to full concepts.

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Ideation PDF Backup

Research Concepts

Concepts were vetted internal as well as four rounds of user research. Research included 2 early generative research and concept evaluation, a formative concept evaluation in-person usability test, and a final validation usability test.

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Early Prototype (Drawer): http://bhotf9.axshare.com/
Early Prototype (Tabs): http://3el7sa.axshare.com/
Near Final Prototype: http://az7zdp.axshare.com/

Strategic Acceptance

The CX Director and I had to present to many key stakeholders the new design due to level of impact.

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Before and After

WAG-iTunes-Home-Old WAG-iTunes-Home

WAG-iTunes-Photo-Old WAG-iTunes-Photo


  • App Store rating increased (Android 4.1 to 4.2) and raised CSat scores to all-time highs (+2pts).
  • 2x sales increase of photo products, especially iOS. Due to fixing usability issues on the product selection screen plus adding space for a promotional spot.
  • Future positioning for personalization and predictive experience.
  • 40% conversion on widgets, even with over displaying widgets.





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