Photo Picker

There was a desire to increase order size for photo prints within the app. In general, average order value (AOV) on mobile is lower than all other channels. The gap is explained because of number of prints per order on mobile is much lower.


  • Led collaborative design sessions with product stakeholders and Customer Experience team
  • Synthesized collaborative design efforts, data, and research findings
  • Created a detailed photo organization structure that required a detailed decision tree
  • Designed an enhanced version of the photo selecting process to increase Average Order Value.
  • Performed usability testing with a developed beta application
  • Early feedback (Customer Satisfication scores) have improve since release

Problem Space Definition

First, I created a detailed competitive landscape analysis and a basic journey map.


Defined decisions, actions, pain points, and opportunities along the photo selection journey.

2016.01.21 Basic Journey Map


Early exploration was conducted in many different collaborative ways. First, the lead visual designer and I ran quick sketch sessions to solve for specific pain points.

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The competitive landscape analysis was used as a collaborative tool with product stakeholders to identify aspects that are liked and disliked.

EPP-Competitive-Review-Comments Low Res

Within the same session, I led skteching sessions to solve certain pain points of the experience. Themes were added to the sketches to see where the team aligned.

Crazy 8s - All + Theme Notes

Research Concepts

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Design Documentation

Flow Chart 2016.02.12 Timeline Grouping Logic





  • Increase of average order value due to more photos selected (~20%).
  • Conversion up ~4% though the change took months of tracking to reveal likely due to service issues that occurred with the same release.
  • Small improvement to Customer Satisfaction scores though convoluted by service unreliabilities.