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I recently wrote a post about sites that you can get music for free and they were legal. Well this post is about getting music free by any means necessary (A.K.A. not always legal). This isn’t to say that some of the music isn’t legal; it’s just unlikely.

So why use websites other than torrents?
Torrents are very traceable, especially since most of the time they are public. This means the RIAA has a close watch of what is being downloaded and then they can easily get your IP, which will be tracked back to you.

When downloading over HTTP (that’s the protocol websites use), the only way it can be traced is if the server that the file is hosted on gives up all connection attempts to the site. This is because the machine you are on makes a direct connection to the host server (site).

Here are the best search engines that you can find music with and then download the songs directly to your computer.

Skreemr – I love using this site with Songbird. Skreemr is a MP3 search engine and finds songs hosted on servers all over the Internet. It is very organized and lets you listen to the music online before downloading. I like to preview the song before I download it just to make sure it’s what I want.

MP3Raid – Very similar to Skreemr, only difference is that it is much more cluttered.

BeeMp3 – Similar to the above two but also has clutter and requires a few more clicks to get the song but still nice. No preview.

Sideload – This is another great site for finding music. Out of them all I find that this has the most quality links. Requires a few too many clicks to download but it is good and lets you preview the songs. The cool thing about this site is you can tie it into your locker (Click to check out more).

Wuzam – Similar to Skreemr. A lot of broken links though, probably because it’s not updated quick enough but still has a lot of good links. You just have to sort through them. – Similar to Skreemr but let’s you create a playlist on the streaming player on the site.

Update: - This isn't a MP3 search engine but rather searches, which is a site that people host files on. This is the best way to get full albums.

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    1. I've never heard of that site. I just checked it out. Looks like it converts the audio from videos, which is pretty cool that it's an all-in-one. That does mean it could be legal by whoever posted the video. But definitely a good find for this post. I find the site a little awkward to use and it seemed pretty slow for me. Maybe it just doesn't like my browser, Chrome.

      Thanks for the comment.

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