Best Sites For Downloading Free Music Legally

It’s no longer the glory years of peer-to-peer downloading but there’s still many illegal ways to get music but they’re slowly loosing popularity. They’re loosing popularity because of the legal crusade the RIAA has been on. The problem is that everyone still wants their music for free. So I compiled a list of sites where you can get music for free and be safe from the RIAA.


  1. DRM Free
  2. No registration
  3. More than just unknown/unsigned musicians

Amazon – We all know that Amazon is there for selling MP3s but they have a lot of songs that are free.

Glide Magazine – Not a lot of offerings but some good artists. – I didn’t find much of interest here but maybe you’ll have better luck. It has a lot of downloadable music and even more streaming music. – Mostly streaming music but some great alternative rock downloads.

Last.Fm – Most music is only streaming but it does also offer some free music.

MTV – A very few offerings but apparently it rotates quite frequently so you may just get lucky.

PureVolume – Similar experience you’ll find on MySpace. Basically bands create their own page and offer streaming music and also can offer free downloads. There isn’t many free downloads though.

Live Music Archive by – This isn’t the most ideal but this site does have some great musicians, only catch is that the music is live.

Stereogum – This a music site that has a lot more than just music. Unfortunately, most of the music is unknowns but it does have a few good things in there. If you’re big into Indie music then you may hit the jackpot.

MP34U – Definitely not user friendly and basically the same content as Stereogum – likely even more unknowns. – Mostly unknowns but has some artists you’ll know. Could be what you’re looking for. Only problem is it’s laid out like a blog and can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. I don’t really recommend it but it does meet the criteria.


You may notice that my list is smaller than other sites. This is because the sites I have to meet my criteria above. A lot of “free” music sites offer you music by making you sign up with a bunch of spam providers and such. I can’t stand for that so what you see here is all legitimate music from legit sources.

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