Shell Script - Automatically SSH Without Key

If you ever need to write a script that automatically SSHs to another computer, use this script. You'll find that you cannot automatically SSH for two reasons. You can't pass the password through the ssh command You can't bypass the initial ssh key registration This script can handle both these problems. It requires the expect … Continue reading "Shell Script - Automatically SSH Without Key"

Halloween Horror Movie Month (HHMM)

I love Halloween and I love scary movies. So what better way to celebrate Halloween than watching as many horror films as possible during the month of October. Since October has already started here are the movies I've already seen: 28 Days Later The Mist Visitation Scream Halloween (Rob Zombie's) Vacancy The Thing The Haunting … Continue reading "Halloween Horror Movie Month (HHMM)"

8 Best Sites to Watch Movies for Free

Updated: Sometimes you just don't want to pay for a movie and you want to watch it now. Here's comes the Internet to the rescue.  Unfortunately, the Internet is loaded with junk websites and sites that are trying to get spyware on your computers. That's where I come in. I rounded up the eight … Continue reading "8 Best Sites to Watch Movies for Free"

Best Sites For Downloading Free Music

Straight to the List please! I recently wrote a post about sites that you can get music for free and they were legal. Well this post is about getting music free by any means necessary (A.K.A. not always legal). This isn’t to say that some of the music isn’t legal; it’s just unlikely. So why … Continue reading "Best Sites For Downloading Free Music"

Best Sites For Downloading Free Music Legally

It’s no longer the glory years of peer-to-peer downloading but there’s still many illegal ways to get music but they’re slowly loosing popularity. They’re loosing popularity because of the legal crusade the RIAA has been on. The problem is that everyone still wants their music for free. So I compiled a list of sites where … Continue reading "Best Sites For Downloading Free Music Legally"

Convert PDF Tables Into Excel Spreadsheets

PDFs are great for having a basic file format that can be used across operatings systems and not be edited. But some times you really need to edit the information in the PDF. Well comes to the rescue for getting tables in a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet. Go to to convert your … Continue reading "Convert PDF Tables Into Excel Spreadsheets"